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Why China?

The great Chinese market is not only a producer to satisfy Western needs. The growing Chinese middle class has their own demand.

More than 75 % of urban Chinese consumers will earn between 9,000 and 34,000 US$ per year by 2022, a purchasing power comparable to Brazil or Italy, but with a volume of 1,375,000 people. This means a market of great dimensions which will have eventually a greatest influence.

Reassess the relationship with China.

Thanks to the fluctuation in the exchange rates, exporting to China is now more profitable than ever.


Advice and paperwork of the bureaucratic procedure and link to the main distributors in the country, apart from providing a comprehensive solution to problems related to language and the regulation and commercial practices, which require some investment of time and capital, as well as energy and practical knowledge.


The Chinese market means a great opportunity for those companies willing to expand beyond their borders and increase their profits, we will help you to make the experience into success.