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We are an utility company specialized in sale and let of real estate, based in Barcelona and present in Shangai and Beijing. We offer a high profitability in renting, ranging from property in the centre of Barcelona and the main cities in Spain to business premises and industrial units.

We offer our clients a large variety of personalized professional services. Moreover, we act as consultants to all the procedure related to Regulation 14/2013, which settles down the possibility of getting a residence permit to those foreigners investing a minimum of 500,000 € in real estate in Spain.

We guide and advise those companies willing to expand in China, coping with issues such as language, regulations or commercial practices which need some time, resources and practical knowledge.

Our main assets are the Guanxi, the so called social capital and the Mianzi, our reputation.

Those are the two main pillars in which we base our commercial relationship. It is important to highlight that due to the special features of the Chinese market, culture, mentality, etc the fact of a westerner getting those assets is never by chance. Behind there is a hard work of years with an interest in proceeding professionally. In short, we have a wide net of contacts which allow us to reach any market or business typology directly with the best investors in each case.

In 2011 we started a new path and worked as representatives for the importer/distributor Aroma Trading LTD, based in Beijing. As representatives of this company our mission was to search suppliers with a high quality product which could be introduced in the Chinese market. Out of this line of business different collaborations emerged, with producers and Spanish companies especially from the food and drink sector.

In 2014 we expanded our collaborations with Chinese companies and started a new commercial representation relationship with the company Far East (Shangai) International Trade Co. LTD. based in Shangai.

Meet our team.

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Sergio Guilarte Oliva

CEO - Real Estate Area


Jose Manuel Martínez

CEO - Import/Export Area